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Trevayne Cox Polar Health Physiotherapy Welwyn Garden City Hatfield

Trevayne Cox Polar Health Physiotherapy Welwyn Garden City Hatfield

Industry:  Physiotherapy

Member since:   May 2010
Based:   TewinInteractive Directions
Telephone:  07967 584737
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Something about myself

First of all, thank you for taking the time to visit our Website. I hope you found what you were looking for. If not, and you think I may be able to help, then please feel free to contact me via any of the contact options on this page.

I am a Chartered and State Registered Physiotherapist, offering a professional, friendly and personal approach to Physiotherapy and pain relief in the Welwyn Garden City, Hatfield and surrounding areas.

If you are struggling with back pain, seeking massage to relax injured or tight muscles or feeling overwhelmed by the stress of modern day living, you will be in the best of hands. I have nearly 30 years of experience of Physiotherapy and offer a natural approach of holistic treatments and healing to help you out of pain. I am also the author of several books on ways to overcome back pain, depression and methods for triggering your own healing mechanisms.

I will work with you using a variety of traditional physiotherapy techniques and complementary therapy methods to not only relieve your pain but get to the root cause of the problem to clear it for good.

Advice on posture and lifestyle changes are also offered to help release your body from stress and the negative long term effects that this can have on your body.

Your treatment will be specifically tailored to your individual requirements following a full assessment of your particular needs.

Physiotherapy for the Welwyn Garden City & Hatfiled AreaPhysiotherapy

To give you an idea of how Physiotherapy can help you, here is a brief explanation of the treatment and a selection of testimonials from past patients.

If you are suffering from back pain, neck pain, muscular pain, joint problems or general stiffness, Physiotherapy is a traditional treatment for restoring the body back to full function and providing pain relief.

The treatment involves the use of electrotherapy, massage, exercises and advice to assist the body to heal itself. Suggestions on postural and lifestyle changes may also be offered when appropriate.

Testimonial on Physiotherapy for sports injuries

Being a keen sportsman, I have suffered many injuries over the years but with the help of Trevayne's professional expertise and dedication, I have managed to return to the field of play fitter and stronger. Having had the plaster removed following a broken ankle, I was back playing cricket the following weekend! Martin Tipper - Hertfordshire

Testimonial on Physiotherapy for back pain

I have visited Trevayne several times for physiotherapy on a recurring back problem. I have found her to be very good and recommend her services to anyone. She always gets me mobile again, as well as being friendly and polite. I wouldn't go to anyone else. D Wainwright - Welwyn Garden City

Testimonial on Physiotherapy for muscle and joint pain

At the beginning of this year I asked Trevayne to help me as I have trouble with a war wound on my leg which was very painful and affected my walking. Trevayne has helped to take away a lot of the pain which of course helps my walking. I also have trouble with my shoulders. I am pleased to say that they have improved after her treatment. I cannot speak more highly of her as not only does she treat me but has conversations with me which are very helpful to an 81 year old. I look forward to her visits and the help she gives me. Cecil Jeffs - Stevenage

Website Design Welwyn Garden City HatfieldPelvic Correction

Recurrent back ache, hip pain, knee pain, sciaticic pain, neck pain and shoulder problems are frequently caused by the pelvis being out of alignment.

A very simple system of exercises devised by Alexander Barrie can be taught to correct the position of the pelvis, so that the secondary problems may then settle down leading to pain relief. The patient can then continue these exercises at home.

Testimonial on Pelvic Correction for Sciatic Pain

Having been diagnosed with serious back problems and leg pain that relates back to a major accident of many years ago, I have been amazed and delighted at how Trevayne has managed to help me to recover.

Six years ago, I was told by my consultant that my pain and difficulty with walking any distance would only get worse. He also thought that I would need major back surgery within a short time to overcome the problem.

After receiving several physiotherapy treatments to correct the alignment of my pelvis and help to heal my lower back pain, whenever I could get to see Trevayne from abroad, I am now leading a pain-free life. I can do anything I wish from walking long distances and gardening, to washing cars. I have more energy, and feel better than I have felt for years and highly recommend Trevayne's services wherever I go. John Speller - Portugal

Testimonial on Pelvic Correction for Back Pain

I first visited the Polar Health clinic because I had suffered for so, so many years with continuous excruciating pelvic, lower back and hip pain. Trevayne not only diagnosed and eased my years of pain in one session, but also showed me how to correct the problem should it recur, which, I can honestly say it hasn't to any kind of the same degree, however, if I do ever experience the odd twinge, I simply perform the quick exercise Trevayne has shown me and all is well again. Sue Bowden -Harlow

Emotional Freedom TechniqueEmotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

If it is time to overcome your phobias, allergies, depression, relationship problems and negative emotions, then this is the treatment for you. EFT uses a very simple technique of tapping over a sequence of energy meridian points of the body in order to unblock the energy system and release negative emotions.

EFT achieves amazing results on stress related problems, depression, phobias, allergies, bereavement, addictions, relationship challenges as well as pain relief.

Testimonial on EFT for emotional turmoil

At a time when I was in emotional and spiritual turmoil, Trevayne's use of EFT as a treatment helped me enormously. Past negative emotions were cleared. I learnt tools to help me deal with the present situation in my life and the direction of my life became clearer. Through Trevayne, I experienced divine forgiveness which was an amazing experience. Linda Chamberlain - Aston

Kinetic EnergenKinetic Energen

If you are struggling with pain, low energy, a poor immune system or emotional problems, this technique is highly effective.

Kinetic Energen uses a system of homoeopathic impregnated plasters placed over specific meridian points of the body. The appropriate combination of plasters for each individual is tested for by using kinesiology (muscle energy testing).

This revolutionary technique was invented by Professor Dan McNair in Australia. It has been used very successfully for pain relief, rebalancing the energy system and increasing energy levels.

Testimonial on Kinetic Energen for sleep apnoea

I suffered with sleep apnoea for many years and despite many visits to hospitals and doctor's surgeries there was no improvement. I heard about the treatment Trevayne offered i.e. Kinetic Energen and although I was completely sceptical I thought I would give it a try. Amazingly it worked, now I have treatment about once a year and that somehow keeps the sleep apnoea away. I can thoroughly recommend anyone to try the treatment. Nigel Poulton - Hertfordshire

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Looking for Physiotherapy in Welwyn Garden City? I am a Chartered and State Registered Physiotherapist and offer a professional, friendly and personal approach to Physiotherapy and pain relief in the Welwyn Garden City, Hatfield and surrounding areas.

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