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Participating in our Online Advice Helpdesk
One of the biggest benefits for subscribing to our Full Membership option, is the opportunity to participate in our On-line Advice Helpdesk service. This service attracts a large number of enquiries from the general public and, quite often, acts as a major source of potential business leads for our Members.

So why did we decide to offer an On-line Advice Centre?

When our Founder Member, Brian Stanic, formed Heard It On The Grapevine in the Winter of 2010, he wanted to create something much more than just another Networking Group. He wanted something that would be of real benefit to the local population. He also wanted to make better use of the knowledge contained within the Group and decided there was no better way than to open it up to local residents and businesses in the form of an Online Helpdesk.

This created a win, win situation for both our Members and the local population;

  • Residents and businesses receive free advice to answer their initial queries.
  • The Helpdesk system becomes a very effective method for generating potential sales leads, in the event, visitors wish to take their enquiry further.

So how does this service work?

When subscribing to our Full Membership option, your business will be added to the list (via a drop-down list) of Trades/Professions represented within our On-line Helpdesk.

At the same stage, your Email contact details are attached to your Trade/Profession within the system. This allows the system to automatically notify you when a Helpdesk Ticket has been raised by a visitor to our Website. You are also given a Username and Password to access the Helpdesk Administration Panel, enabling you to respond to questions.

In the Helpdesk section of our Website, you will need to supply a list of the type of questions you will be able/willing to answer. We update this for you. This section is also linked to your Micro-website within our site, giving visitors more information about your business.

When a visitor raises an Advice Ticket for your Trade/Profession;

  • It creates an automatic entry in our On-line Advice Database.
  • Then Sends an automatic confirmation Email to the visitor.
  • And also sends an automatic copy of the ticket to you

To respond to the ticket, you simply login to the Helpdesk Administration Panel, locate the ticket, then send your initial response. When the response is sent, it sends another automatic Email to the visitor with details of your response and the option to click a unique link ID, taking them, directly, to their ticket on our Website. From there, both the visitor and yourself will be able to view a complete history of the ticket.

It is at your discretion, how many responses you wish to make regarding particular Tickets before deciding if the enquiry then becomes billable time. However, the first response should always be free.

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