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Breakfast Meeting Networking Group Guidelines

Member Guidelines Business Breakfast Meeting Networking Group
As a Group, we try and keep things as simple as possible and the following guidelines have been written on feedback, we routinely receive from our Members. The guidelines are designed, purely, to help our Group run more smoothly and are posted to this page on our Website to make it much easier for Members to find. If, as a Member, you feel any of the following guidelines are not  as clear as they should be, then please raise this at one of the Breakfast Networking Meetings and we can discuss how it can be improved. Likewise, if you have any suggestions for other Guideline Topics, then we would be delighted to hear your thoughts.

Since we operate an exclusive membership, it is important to check there are no conflicts of interest between visitors you bring and existing Members. A list of Trades/Professions already filled, can be viewed by hovering over the following Button

It is also the responsibility of existing Members to check the Website of guests they are introducing to ensure there are no other conflicting services mentioned on the site.

If there is any doubt, then please contact the Member where the conflict may be with, to confirm they are happy for the guest to attend the Breakfast Networking Meeting with the intention of becoming a Member.

Please remember, since table settings are individually set up for each Breakfast Meeting, please only invite those guests who have definitely confirmed they can make it.

If the topic requires an in-depth discussion from all the Members and may take ten minutes or more, then please raise the subject at one of the Breakfast Networking Meetings and a suitable date can be arranged for the Group to discuss it.

For all other types of topics, then please raise these at the beginning of one of our Breakfast Meetings where it will be scheduled into that day's Agenda.

Full Members will be expected to attend all Breakfast Networking Meetings unless they notify otherwise. Therefore, if you are unable to attend any particular meeting, then please contact Brian Stanic to let him know.

Season Ticket Members who have confirmed they will be attending a Breakfast Networking Meeting, then subsequently fail to show up, will not forfeit one of there twelve visits but will, however, be billed £11 for the breakfast.

If a guest fails to attend after confirming they will be attending, the Member who invited them will not be billed for the breakfast.

Please remember, since table settings are individually set up for each Breakfast Meeting, please only invite those guests who have definitely confirmed they can make it.

We welcome input from all Members on how best to grow and move our Group forward. We are always looking at new and innovative marketing initiatives to help integrate the Group and our Members into the local population of Welwyn Garden City & Hatfield.

If you have any ideas, then please raise these at any of our Breakfast Networking Meetings where initial feedback can be sought from the Members. Your idea will then be discussed further and a decision made if to progress it.

If successful and where further investigation is required, the Member raising the original idea will be asked to prepare a business case and present this to the Members at a subsequent Breakfast Networking Meeting. A Sponsor will then be identified with responsibility to push it through?

For those Full Members wishing to participate in our On-line Advice Helpdesk system, the initial responses to Advice Tickets must be made via the system. This allows us to monitor that all Advice Tickets have been replied to and helps protect the integrity of the service.

Although there is every chance enquiries could become potential sales opportunities, every effort must be made to ensure, the initial advice is as impartial as it can be. Again, this is to protect the integrity of this unique service.

All Full Members as part of their Joining Pack, will be entitled to a free, five page Micro Website within this site.

As part of the joining process, your initial Micro Website and all subsequent edits, will be maintained by Brian Stanic. He is also responsible for creating logins to other aspects of the Website, such as, our Event Calendar.

Brian Stanic will also be able to advise on how to write compelling content for your Micro Website.

Annual Subscription Invoices and Breakfast Meeting receipts are handled by Brian Stanic.

To reduce administration time and overheads, Members can pay for their Annual Subscriptions via our On-line Billing System. Payment can be made by either Cheque or Credit/Debit Card. The system also generates Invoices and sends out automatic renewal reminders when subscriptions are due.

For our weekly Breakfast Meeting, VAT receipts will be issued on the day. Please try and bring the correct amount money.

All information regarding weekly Breakfast Meetings and any other group activities, are posted to the Networking Group's Private Forum, located within the main Forum. This helps centralise all important information, makes it simple for members to refer to previous information and, last but not least, allows all members to add their own postings and respond to other member postings.

On becoming a member, you will be asked to create a general account in the Forum system, after which, authorisation and access will be given to the private group forum.

To receive automatic Email notifications of new postings or announcements to the Group's Forum, you must subscribe to the forum by clicking the "Subscribe Forum" box.

To reduce administration overheads, no other update methods will be used, such as, telephone or manual Email notifications. Therefore, please make sure you check your Email during the week for any important updates or announcements, automatically generated by the system.

Existing Members can earn 10% commission for referrals on any of our services. This commission can then be used against any of our services.

There are two methods for making referrals:

  1. If you can tell us in advance of any referrals made, we will manually assign any commission earned (in the event of a purchase) to your account with us. This will then show as a credit in your account.
  2. By placing our Affiliate code (Graphic Banner Advertisement) on your Website, when someone clicks the advertisement on your Website and is redirected to the Heard It On The Grapevine Website, our system will automatically assign the referral to your account, indefinately. When the person, subsequently, purchases one of our services, any commission due, is automatically credited to your account.

If you wish to include our Affiliate code/Banner on your Website, then, simply, login to our Billing System, then click the Affiliates link from the toolbar and you are done.

Once registered, you will be able to track how many visitors have been referred from your Website, any services they may have purchased, and an up-to-date balance of any credit applied to your account.

The Affiliate page in your account set-up, also gives details of your unique Affiliate code. Simply cut-and-paste this code anywhere on your Website to help automate the referral process.

You are welcome to join our Group, even though, you may also be a member of other Networking Groups. However, for obvious reasons, we ask members to refrain from recommending or discussing the merits of any other Groups they may be part of.

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