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Business Networking Breakfast Meeting Format

Business Networking Breakfast Meeting Format
The majority of our new members and guests often tell us, how much they enjoy the informal and relaxed atmosphere of our Breakfast Meetings. Unlike other well known Networking Groups, there is no pressure to bring referrals to the table or send Substitutes in your place when you can't make meetings. We prefer our members to arrive fresh and looking forward to a productive meeting. So, there is no reason to lie awake at night, fretting about tomorrow's meeting because you have no referrals. No Area or Group Directors to worry about. Phew, what a relief!

What better way to start a business day?

Meetings begin at 7.15 am at the very well appointed, Best Western Homestead Court Hotel in Welwyn Garden City. Breakfasts are to a very high standard, as you would expect from a Best Western Hotel, and consist of either, a comprehensive English Breakfast or Continental Breakfast from the Hotel Breakfast Buffet.

On arrival, guests are greeted by Brian Stanic and he quickly explains the Agenda for that particular meeting. Guests will have the opportunity to introduce themselves to other members during breakfast and then again during their one to three minute presentations of their business.

Keeping the meetings fresh, topical and enjoyable

An Agenda of the week's meeting is sent to all members in advance, allowing them to prepare their one minute presentations or any other material that may be required. For example, if a particular member is giving a more in-depth, ten minute presentation of their business that week. Additional topics any members want to discuss at some stage during the meeting are also identified before breakfast commences.

After breakfast, Brian Stanic will randomly select members to give their one minute presentations.

What is the purpose of the one minute presentations?

The purpose of the presentation is;

  • To allow you to tell other members about your business.
  • To tell them about a new service you are thinking of launching.
  • Or about one of your services you want to highlight in more detail.
  • About a particular person or business you want to be introduced to.
  • To encourage any ideas or advice from other members.
  • Is a great way to improve your presentation skills. Don't worry if you have never given a presentation. We have all been there.
  • And finally, the type of referrals you are looking for that week.

The referral process

At the end of the presentations, Brian Stanic  will give a summary of what each member is looking for that week and will then go around the table and ask each member if they have any business referrals to give to other members. These are then discussed and any actions identified. Remember, unlike other Networking Groups, there is no pressure to arrive at meetings with at least one referral. We are more interested in the quality rather than the number of business leads. Meetings tend to finish at 9 am.

A typical meeting, therefore, is as follows;

  • Meeting begins at 7.15 am
  • Guests greeted.
  • Additional topics identified and scheduled into the meeting.
  • Breakfast
  • One minute presentations
  • Referrals
  • Close at 9 am.

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