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Lisa Seccombe of the Isabel Hospice

Lisa Seccombe of the Isabel Hospice

Title:  Director of Fundraising and Public Relations

Based:   Welwyn Garden CityInteractive Directions
Telephone:  01707 382542
Helpdesk: Isabel Hospice participate in our On-line Helpdesk

Heard It On The Grapevine's sponsored charity is the Isabel Hospice

As a local Business Networking Group, keen on giving something back to the local community, we have a policy of actively sponsoring local charities. This year, we are pleased to announce, our chosen charity will be the Isabel Hospice.

The Isabel Hospice offer care to the local population by enhancing the quality of life of patients living with cancer and other life-limiting illnesses in eastern Hertfordshire.

Their services are provided free throughout eastern Hertfordshire and they offer a complete service through a team of Community Nurse Specialists, Day Hospice for up 60 patients each week, three satellite Day Hospices, Hospice at Home, Family Support Service, a 16 bed In-patient Hospice and a Bereavement Service. A fully trained team of volunteers supports the specialist medical staff in providing a warm, caring environment for patients and their families.

Throughout the year, our Group hopes to raise around £1000 for the charity by donating a proportion of our advertising revenue to the Isabel Hospice.

If you are keen on helping the Isabel Hospice, then we are sure Lisa would be delighted to hear from you. You can either contact her by clicking the Email link, above, or by completing the Online Form, below.

In the meantime, please feel free to browse the other Tabs on this page for more information or visit the Isabel Hospice Website.

Donate to the Isabel HospiceFund raising for the Charity

Fundraising is a vital part of being able to provide our many services, free of charge to the local community. If you would like to help or be involved in any way, call the fundraising department on 01707 382500. We would love to hear from you! Or why not make a quick donation today by clicking the Donate online Button, opposite.

Creating your fundraising page using justgiving

Creating your fundraising page using justgiving, should take around 5 minutes — that's it! Choose the event you are doing for Isabel Hospice. If you don't have one already, register for a Justgiving account.

Give your page a title, write a strong message to your friends encouraging them to donate, and add a photo. Email the address of your page to everyone you know, here and abroad, and start collecting donations. Justgiving will automatically reclaim Gift Aid on all donations from UK taxpayers. Justgiving charges a small transaction fee on all donations. The money you raise is transferred automatically into your charity's bank account — you don't have to do anything.

Raise funds for the Isabel Hospice using justgiving


Ebay for charitySelling Goods with Ebay and MissionFish

Here are a few ways of raising funds from the comfort of your computer chair! Ebay fans... come this way....

If you've got things to sell and you fancy supporting Isabel Hospice, then have a look at which helps charities raise money on eBay.

MissionFish enables you as an eBay seller to give some or all of your sale proceeds to Isabel Hospice.

What do I need to do?

Any seller on Ebay can donate to charity while listing on Ebay. You just need to follow the instructions on the Pricing and Duration section of the Sell Your Item Form. Isabel Hospice is registered in the Charity Directory and you can give between 10 and 100 per cent of your final sale price to us.

To find out more, go to Mission Fish or go to pages on Ebay

Donate to the Isabel Hospice whilst ShoppingThe Giving Machine

TheGivingMachine™ is another new way to support Isabel Hospice with cash donations while internet shopping.

Lots of shops and financial service companies have signed up for the new venture including Marks & Spencer, Currys, PC World, Sainsburys,, Penguin books, Tesco, John Lewis, Churchill and Directline insurance to name just a few.

Once you register with TheGivingMachine™, every time you shop a donation will be given to Isabel Hospice on your behalf from one of the affiliated companies. It will not cost you anything other than the 2 minutes it takes to register the first time you use the site. Thereafter it's just one extra click of the mouse every time you buy online. Why not click on TheGivingMachine logo and follow the link?

Pre-Printed Envelopes

Did you know that we can supply pre-printed envelopes for donations to be made in aid of the hospice in lieu of funeral flowers, birthday or wedding gifts? Click on the link below to see what we can do. If you would like some envelopes sent, contact fundraising on 01707 382500.

Used Stamps

Did you know that Isabel Hospice can get around £35 for every full bag of used stamps we are able to collect. If you would like to help us to raise funds in this way, save up your used stamps (torn from their envelopes) and when you have enough, pop them in the post for the attention of Susan Warren, Fundraising, Isabel Hospice, 61 Bridge Road East, Welwyn Garden City, Herts, AL7 1JR.

Isabel Hospice Nurse SpecialistsIsabel Hospice Nurse Specialists  

The Team is based on two sites - Welwyn Garden City and Standon - and our nurses work closely with GPs, District Nurses, Hospitals and Social Services, visiting patients in their homes throughout Eastern Hertfordshire.

They are registered nurses who have specialist training and experience in palliative care and cancer.

Working with other professionals, our Community Team will offer advice on pain and symptom management and give support to patients, their families and friends.

The Team can be available from the moment someone is diagnosed with cancer and support may continue throughout the course of the illness.

Patients with other life-limiting illnesses may also benefit from the expertise of our Nurse Specialists.

Each patient is recognised as being a whole person and the care received may be emotional, psychological, spiritual, social or physical.

Information given by our Nurses allows patients to make informed choices about treatment and care.

Referrals to other parts of Isabel Hospice may be appropriate: the Benefits Adviser, the In-patient Hospice, the Day Hospice, Family Support and Specialist Doctors.

Our Community Team is also available to act as a resource to other professionals, reflecting current clinical developments and research.

If you would like any further information please contact the Manager of the Community Team on: 01707 382500.

  • What did the Doctor say?
  • Where do I have to go?
  • What did he say about treatment?
  • What does that mean?
  • Who can I ask?

At Isabel Hospice we know how difficult it is to hear everything that is said when you have had a shock or are feeling uncomfortable.

We are offering a service for people with cancer, and those who care about them. We will answer questions and give information about cancer and its treatment, complementary therapies, self help and support groups.

Our information service does not give personal medical advice about symptoms.

The questions to ask the doctor or nurses can become clearer after being talked over with someone else.

We give a personal service and respond to individual needs for information. We are willing to talk on the telephone or make an appointment to meet. If it is appropriate, we will advise you of other contacts, organisations and information services who will also be able to help you.

If you would like information, call the Information Service at Isabel Hospice on: 01707 382500.

Our Chaplain, Revd Dorothy Moore Brooks (right) and Pastoral Carer, Sue JeppesenIn-patient Hospice
c/o QEII Hospital
Welwyn Garden City
Herts AL7 4HQ
Telephone: 01707 373356
Fax: 01707 326139

Our Chaplain, Revd Dorothy Moore Brooks (right) and Pastoral Carer, Sue Jeppesen (left), are available to support you and your family. They are here for patients and families of any or no faith.

Each Wednesday evening there is a short service in the Inpatient Unit to which everyone is welcome whatever your faith perspective. Dorothy and Sue are available most weekdays in the IPU and visit the day hospices regularly. Your own priest, vicar, pastor, rabbi etc is welcome to visit you at any time in the IPU.

All of us at Isabel Hospice would like to support you and your family.

We know that you need not just physical support but emotional and spiritual care too.

You may have questions:

  • Why is this happening to me?
  • I feel I have lost control of my life - can I regain it?
  • How will it affect my family and our future?
  • Life feels meaningless - can anyone help me make sense of it?

We can do this by:

  • Coming to meet you at home
  • Meeting you at the Day Hospice, or at one of the satellite facilities
  • Or in the In-Patient Hospice
  • Speaking on the telephone
  • Or through your Community Nurse Specialist

If you would like any further information on any aspect of spiritual care, please call the above number or let your nurse know at the In-Patient Hospice, Day Hospice or your Community Nurse Specialist.

Family SupportWe support the whole family with special support for children and teenagers.

When a family member has a diagnosis of a serious illness, everybody in the family is affected. It takes time to adjust and find ways of managing illness and treatment.

The patient and family can have worries about:

  • What to tell the children
  • How they will manage financially
  • Will they lose their job
  • Who will look after them

The Family Support Team consists of staff specially trained in counseling and family work and a team of highly skilled and trained volunteers.

We can offer:

  • One to one sessions
  • Family meetings
  • Group work with children and parents

We also provide an integrated service with other members of the Hospice Team.

Children and Young People

  • We offer a group twice a year for families who have been bereaved.
  • The group is usually weekly for 4 hours over 2-3 weeks.
  • We offer a programme of activities, which allows the young people and their parents/carers, to express their feelings through art, drama, music, discussion and sharing.
  • We offer support and resources to other professionals, for their work with children experiencing grief and loss.

CATS Leaflet front cover
CATS Leaflet Inside Pages

Further Information

If you would like further information on any aspect of our Family Support Service call The Family Support Team Leader on 01707 382500.

Our In-patient HospiceOur In-patient Hospice Tel 01707 373356

Our In-patient Hospice was built in 1990 - and extended to a 16 bedded unit in 2000/2001. It is situated at the rear of Queen Elizabeth II Hospital in Welwyn Garden City. The building is tastefully furnished and the bedrooms look out onto the garden.

Patients are admitted for many reasons and stay for around 10 days. During this time, they are cared for by skilled and committed staff.

Medical care is provided by a team of doctors under the guidance of the Consultant in Palliative Medicine. Although the doctors are based at the In-patient Hospice they work in all areas of the service.

Two teams of specially trained nurses give holistic care to patients, their families and friends at a difficult time.

The Hospice Chaplain is available on weekday mornings to visit patients and their families and give them spiritual support.

Visitors are welcome between the hours of 9am and 9pm and at other times when appropriate. There are facilities for relatives to stay overnight if necessary.

Food for patients is prepared in our own kitchen. Special dietary needs and other requests can usually be accommodated.

Patients may come to the In-patient Hospice when they have distressing symptoms which cannot be managed at home.

Some may be managing well at home, but benefit from a short stay which also gives a break to their carers.

In-patient HospiceOthers find the In-patient Hospice a safe place in which to be comforted and cared for in their last days of life.

For those returning home, the nurses in the In-patient Hospice will assess the need for any extra help or equipment and arrange for it to be made available when the patient goes home.

If you would like further information call the Nurse Manager on: 01707 373356

Hospice at Home is a venture launched by Isabel Hospice in collaboration with other local services.

Together with the Primary Health Care Teams (GPs and District Nurses) Hospice at Home is able to provide a high level of care and support to patients in their own homes, within available resources. Hospice Nurses provide holistic care for patients over a 24-hour period.

The care given may be practical, emotional, psychological, physical, social or spiritual, according to individual needs.

Hospice at Home can provide short-term care for patients and carers who:
* can no longer cope at home within the present resources
* need specialist palliative care in a crisis situation
* would like to be at home for the last few days of their lives

Hospice at Home is supported by a 24 hour Telephone Advice Line. This is available to all patients receiving care from Isabel Hospice and their carers.

If you would like any further information please contact the Hospice at Home Manager on: 01707 382500.

The Day Hospice at Hall Grove in Welwyn Garden CityThe Day Hospice at Hall Grove in Welwyn Garden City and the satellite Day Hospices at Waltham Cross, Hoddesdon and Bishop's Stortford (Thorley) offer a comprehensive approach to care providing a broad range of therapies. They aim to provide a safe place for patients allowing them to discover ways of dealing with the change to their lives that the diagnosis has brought. Even with a supporting and loving family and friends, just coping can be a lonely experience.

Specially trained nurses, therapists and volunteers staff the Day Hospices. On the first visit current needs will be discussed and a plan of action agreed between the patient and staff. A wide range of information is available and there is always time to discuss the particular concerns with the appropriate member of staff; support is also extended to the carer.

The Day Hospice provides the opportunity to meet with people who are familiar with the challenges that cancer throws at you. We offer a comprehensive approach to care for the whole person under medical supervision which includes information, support, creative therapy, counseling, aromatherapy, massage, reflexology, art therapy and relaxation.

Satellite Day Hospices

  • Hailey View Surgery, Hoddesdon
  • St Barnabas Centre, Thorley
  • Waltham Cross Health Centre, Waltham Cross

We would appreciate if you didn't contact the satellite Day Hospice venues directly. For any enquiries about any of our Day Hospices please telephone Janice Penman on 01707 382500

Enquiries/Further Information

For further information about our Day Hospice service please contact Janice Penman on 01707 382500.

When someone in the family is told they have cancer, or other life-limiting disease, it causes considerable stress.

This stress is made much worse when there are financial worries. These may be caused by an inability to work, extra hospital visits for treatment, or for other reasons.

There is a range of benefits available for people who are sick, disabled, caring for a sick person or bereaved.

Our Benefits Adviser is widely experienced in advising people, in confidence, about their entitlement to benefits.

Sometimes when one benefit is awarded, it brings entitlement to further financial aid. Our Benefits Adviser is able to give guidance and practical help about the appropriate benefits.

If you have been registered with us through your G.P. and have any questions about entitlements for yourself, or someone for whom you care, or if you need help completing or understanding forms, our Benefits Adviser will be happy to advise you.

Call the Benefits Adviser at Isabel Hospice on: 01707 382500.

Our Shops

Isabel Hospice has 9 shops across the area. These can be found in Bishop's Stortford, Buntingford, Cheshunt, Hatfield, Hertford, Hoddesdon, Ware, Waltham Cross and Welwyn Garden City.

We also run four shops in conjunction with Grove House, the latest addition being in Hemel Hempstead. They include a shop in Harpenden and two in St.Albans.

We like to think of our shops as "Aladdin's Caves" because of the variety of goods that are donated to us. We sell anything from a pack of cards to a three piece suite. Special or unusual items can be found there, alongside more routine stock. We have provided a walking stick for a disabled gentleman who had lost his own; kitted out a family with good quality clothing, provided a replacement for an item in a family's treasured tea-set which had been broken; and supplied a wedding dress, proudly modeled in our shop, for a very happy bride.

Our shops are local centres for information about Isabel Hospice's services and fundraising events and are focal points for donations too.

Bishop's Stortford Shop Bishop's Stortford Shop
6 Bridge Street
Bishop's Stortford
CM23 2JY
Please click here for map

Ware ShopWare Shop
44 High Street
SG12 9BY
Please click here for map

Cheshunt ShopCheshunt Shop
92 Turners Hill
Please click here for map

Welwyn Garden City ShopWelwyn Garden City Shop
29 Stonehills
Welwyn Garden City
Please click here for map

Hertford ShopHertford Shop
37 Railway Street
SG14 1BA
Please click here for map

Hatfield ShopHatfield Shop
72 Town Centre
AL10 0JW
Please click here for map

Waltham Cross ShopWaltham Cross Shop
125 High Street
Waltham Cross
Please click here for map

Buntingford ShopBuntingford Shop
34A High Street
Please click here for map

Hoddesdon ShopHoddesdon Shop
124a High Street
EN11 8HD
Please click here for map


Renee Friend, one of our valued volunteersRenee Friend, one of our valued volunteers

Volunteers have always been a very important part of Isabel Hospice. They help to provide the highest standard of care and support for the patients.

Reception Volunteers Needed

Our head office and warehouse have moved to a new site in Welwyn Garden City. If you have a few hours to spare and are interested in joining our team of reception volunteers, please contact Jane Hollowday on 01707 382516.

Would You Like To Join Us?

We rely heavily on volunteers to provide our service. We are fortunate to have over 600 volunteers who help us in many different ways but we are always in need of more.

Volunteers help us in so many different ways and we can utilise almost anything you have to offer. Driving, gardening, cake making, working with patients, working with patients' families, general office work, becoming part of a local fundraising group, working in one of our local shops, helping in our warehouse, the list is endless. If you would like further information on how you can become involved call Jane Hollowday on 01707 382500.

We Provide Training Where Necessary

Volunteers who want to work with Isabel Hospice, helping to care for patients and their families, alongside the professional staff, complete a short training course. The course is designed to equip volunteers with the basic skills needed to begin helping with our work.

Prospective volunteers will already have many of the skills and qualities necessary, not least a friendly, kind and caring nature and a willingness to help. During the course the following topics are covered:

  • The Ethos and Philosophy of Hospice Care
  • The Holistic Approach to Caring for Patients
  • What is Cancer?
  • Handling and Moving Skills
  • Basic Food Handling and Hygiene
  • Anticipatory Grief and Loss
  • Bereavement
  • A Patient's Spiritual Journey

After completing the course Volunteers receive training at the Day Hospice or In-patient Hospice.

Areas of Volunteering After The Training

Many of our voluntary staff undertake roles in more than one area.

After the training Volunteers may decide to work at the Day Hospice as part of a team; at the In-patient Hospice on reception or working with patients, in the Community alongside our team of Nurse Specialists, or as drivers assisting with Patient Transport. The experience of giving time to Isabel Hospice is a very rewarding one in whatever area of work is chosen.

How Often Is The Training Course Run?

The course is run twice a year in the Spring and Autumn.

Contact Us

For more information about volunteering please contact Jane Hollowday on tel 01707 382500.

Speakers For Group Events

If you are running an event and would like to have a speaker from Isabel Hospice attending at any point, please get in contact with Fundraising on 01707 382500. We would be delighted to arrange one for you.

Urgent Call For Volunteer Complementary Therapists

Volunteer Complementary Therapists - we need you !

Thanks to our volunteer therapists, Isabel Hospice offers a range of complementary therapies to patients, carers and bereaved clients. We are currently looking for more people to join in this extremely rewarding field of local voluntary work.

Therapies offered are Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, gentle Indian Head Massage, Reiki, Energy Channeling and Relaxation/Visualisation.

This service is currently available at our Day Hospice and In-Patient Unit in Welwyn Garden City, satellite day hospices at Bishop's Stortford, Waltham Cross and Hoddesdon and in the Community.

Do find out more by calling Karina Hames or Janice Penman on 01707 - 334222

For an application pack phone Jane Hollowday or Glynis Cracknell on 01707 - 382516 or 382517.

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