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History of Heard It On The Grapevine

History of Heard It On The Grapevine
Heard It On The Grapevine are an expanding group of local business owners who form one of the area's most forward thinking Networking Groups. We were formed in the Winter of 2010 with the objectives of becoming the foremost Business Networking Group in the Welwyn Garden City & Hatfield area, and a group that helps fast-track local businesses into the community.

Adopting a new and refreshing approach to Networking

Brian Stanic, our founder, has always thought, Business Networking Groups have not really changed much over the last twenty years and, therefore, believes, many of these Groups are failing to maximise the true potential of Networking.

In a nutshell;

  • They fail to make any attempt to market themselves to what should be their number one market; the local community.
  • They also make little effort to try and harness the power of modern communication methods, such as, the Internet, to help market themselves and their members, more effectively. More exposure, means more business opportunities, in anyone's language.

Our approach wasn't exactly rocket science! More common business sense, really!

So what did we decide to do? We decided to build an interactive community based Website that would be of real benefit to the local community.The more local residents and businesses we can attract to our Website, the more business opportunities there will be for our members.

To help channel interest, generated by our community based Website, towards the member area of the site, we decided to include an On-line Advice Helpdesk.

This creates a win, win situation for both our members and the local population. The community can "tap" into a wealth of business knowledge, offered by our members, and what's more, can do so for free. And it is reasonable to assume, many of these initial enquiries may require much more investigation, creating possible business opportunities for our members.

To us, at least, we feel it is only right, as local business owners, to try and give something back to the local community. We hope our community based Website goes some way to addressing this.

Our plans for the future and the benefits of a Networking Group run for the benefits of it's Members

As a Networking Group that is fully committed to reinvesting a significant amount of it's revenue back into marketing the Group to the local community, it will help us achieve our ultimate objectives;

  • Of becoming an organisation who are known and respected by the majority of the local population. A Group that is seen to be making concerted efforts to improve communications between people and businesses of the town.
  • And to help fast track local businesses into the community by leveraging the popularity of our new community based website.

To continue our success and offer people and businesses of the Welwyn Garden City & Hatfield area, an even more diverse range of free advice via our popular Online Helpdesk, we continue to recruit new members with the right qualities and commitment to compliment what we are trying to achieve.

Join in the success

If you are a local business owner and want to participate in the success of our Group and benefit from wider exposure, then please contact us today and arrange a date when you can come and meet the members over an enjoyable morning breakfast.

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