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Structure Business Breakfast Networking Group How It Is Run

Structure Business Breakfast Networking Group How It Is Run
As a local Breakfast Networking Group, we do not operate a multi-hierarchal management structure. We do not have any national Head Office Directors in far flung countries or other cities and towns (as other well known Networking Groups have). We do not install any Area or Group Directors, overseeing meetings to implement and ensure Group policies are adhered to (as other well known Networking Groups do). Revenue coming back into the Group is not, severely, diluted by Head Office profit margins and payments made to Area or Group Directors (again, as in other well known Networking Groups).

Exclusively operated for the benefit of it's local members

Instead, our Group is administered by it's Founder Member, Brian Stanic, for the benefit of it's Members. Brian Stanic is based in the Welwyn Garden City and Hatfield area and Members have direct access to him at our weekly Breakfast Meetings.

Although the Group is operated as a profitable business, significant revenues are reinvested back into the Group with regards to raising the Group's profile within the local Welwyn Garden City and Hatfield community. The greater the Group's profile, the more business opportunities there will be for it's Members.

Polices are, solely, introduced to help the Group run more smoothly and, quite often, are first put forward by other Group Members.

When you join our Group, you will be a valued member. Any ideas you may have to help the Group achieve it's objectives, will always be welcome and given the due consideration it deserves.

Decision Making ProcessThe decision making process

When ideas or suggestions are put forward by Members, they are discussed in greater detail by Brian Stanic and the Member whose idea it was, outside the normal Breakfast Meeting. Where the request requires further investigation, the member who first raised the idea/suggestion, will be asked to look into it further, then present their findings to all members at one of the Breakfast Meetings. This approach, we feel, helps ensure, members fully consider their ideas before bringing them up for review.

Brian is responsible for;

  • Developing, maintaining and recommending how the Website should and can be maintained.
  • All Treasury duties, including, issuing Invoices to Advertisers on the Website, and raising Member Invoices for Subscriptions.
  • Developing Marketing literature and overseeing the Group Marketing Plan.
  • Preparing weekly Meeting Agendas.
  • Helping to ensure weekly Breakfast Meetings run smoothly and on time.
  • Recording weekly, Member and Guest visits and ensuring Breakfast subscriptions are paid.
  • Preparing facilities for Breakfast Meetings and other Member events.
  • Recording Breakfast Meeting referrals and summarising, each week, the highlights of each Member presentation and what assistance they are looking for.
  • Processing new Members and ensuring subscriptions are up-to-date.
  • Presenting any new policies to be introduced, recording and processing Member suggestions/ideas.

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